How often are grants reviewed?

Once a formal grant application is accepted as complete it will be placed on the agenda for the next Board of Directors meeting. Applicant will be notified of the decision made by the VVHWF’s office.

What are the types of grants awarded?

The Foundation typically awards grants for the following purposes:
1. Capital acquisition grants.  These grants are used by charities and governmental agencies to purchase needed equipment items. 
2. Operating expense grants.  These grants are to assist a charity or governmental agency with recurring normal monthly or yearly operating expenses.
3. Special operating expense grants.  These are grants to assist a charity or governmental agency to start a new operating segment of their organization.  Examples could be a charity that wants to offer a new service to their clients, extend their days of operation, or expand their services to a new category of clients.
4. Start-up grants.  These are grants to a new formed charity to help in their first year of operation.
5. Matching/Challenge grants.  These grants are to assist other fundraising efforts.

Is there a priority ranking of grants by program area?

Yes, the Foundation’s top priority are Health and Wellness grants.  Health grants are to support medical or health related projects such as a cancer treatment, ambulance services, immunization projects, child health programs, mental illness outpatient services, etc.  Wellness grants promote the general physical and mental wellness of the citizens in our granting area.  Examples would include jogging and workout facilities, smoking prevention clinics, and weight loss programs.